Council Roundup: East Main transit-oriented development

Council Roundup: East Main transit-oriented development

At Tuesday’s study session, the City Council reviewed proposed comprehensive plan amendments for the East Main station area. The city is planning for vibrant, active and inclusive mixed-use development around each East Link station.

The future development just south of downtown is intended to be a model for other station areas and to address several urgent growth-related issues. These include affordable housing, healthy neighborhoods and community space.

Councilmembers, who studied the proposal in December, discussed the community advisory committee vision, council guiding principles and Planning Commission recommendations. A second study session on the topic will be on Feb.19.

Additional background on the comprehensive plan amendment process can be found in the agenda packet materials. The full presentation and discussion is also available to view online courtesy of Bellevue TV.

Small-cell technology approved

Later, the council adopted amendments to the Telecommunications Title of the Bellevue City Code and the master license agreement template for deployment of small-cell technology in city rights of way. The technology is associated with future fifth generation (5G) cellular service.

The changes were made in response to new Federal Communication Commission (FCC) requirements and involved a collaborative stakeholder discussion with wireless providers.

Small cells are wireless communication nodes that can be placed on utility or street light poles to provide consistent, high-quality voice and data cell service. Small technology, generally consisting of small equipment and installation heights, supplements the larger, higher impact cell towers used by cell phone companies to provide coverage.

The installation of small cells advances Bellevue’s commitment to connectivity and becoming a “smart city.”

Additional background on the budget process can be found in the agenda packet materials.

Published on 01/25/2019
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