Council Roundup: Development Services fees update

Council Roundup: Development Services fees update

On Monday during an extended study session, the City Council was updated on proposed 2019 permit fees. The briefing marks an annual process that seeks to maintain alignment between fees charged for permit review and inspection services, while also considering the cost to provide those services.

The proposed changes take into account:

  • Results of a cost of service study performed for Land Use, Fire, Transportation, and Utilities hourly rates, with proposed adjustments ranging from 2.5 percent to 3.6 percent.
  • Adjustment to building review and inspection fees in the consumer price index (3.6 percent).
  • Updates to flat-rate fees reflecting changes in the amount of time and costs to complete work for permits.

After the presentation and discussion, councilmembers directed staff to return on Dec. 3 with a proposed ordinance to amend 2019 permit fees, rates and school impact fees.

More information is available in the council’s agenda packet materials.

Commendation for Paul Allen

On behalf of the council, Mayor John Chelminiak presented a commendation for Paul Allen to Leslie Smith, Vulcan’s public policy director of government and community relations.

Allen, who passed away last week, changed the world through his innovation and vision, ushering in the era of the personal computing revolution as co-founder of Microsoft.

“Paul Allen’s generosity was as far-reaching as his passions; Allen gave more than $2 billion to nonprofits organizations dedicated to science, technology, education, the environment and the arts, forever touching the landscape and soul of communities around the world,” Chelminiak noted in the commendation.

Published on 10/25/2018
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