Art of Listening workshops

Art of Listening workshops

The city will offer a series of “Art of Listening” workshops designed to improve participants’ focus, relationships and professional lives. The workshops will be on Tuesdays, Oct. 23 to Nov. 13, 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Newport Way Library, 14250 SW Newport Way.

The workshops are free, with participants learning how to be more artful, peaceful and attentive listeners as they have the experience of being truly listened to themselves in this four-week series. Marci McReynolds, co-manager of the Bellevue Conflict Resolution Center, leads the workshops.

“Thank you for this workshop, it's a mind-blowingly helpful, emotional, life-changing experience,” said one participant of last year’s workshops. Another commented, “I believe this class has the power to change the course of our country. Learning to listen is the very key to our shared future.”

The Conflict Resolution Center helps people who live and work in Bellevue heal and negotiate conflicts, primarily through the art of listening. McReynolds has been teaching listening to thousands, ever since her own life was transformed when she learned how to listen 20 years ago.

Registration is highly recommended. Contact or call 425-452-4091 to reserve your spot today.
Published on 10/11/2018
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