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Transportation Facilities Plan

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The Transportation Facilities Plan (TFP) serves as the city’s 12-year, or intermediate-range, transportation planning document. It includes high-priority projects from long-range plans (such as the Bel-Red Plan, Eastgate/I-90 Plan and Ped-Bike Plan) and projects that address emerging needs and opportunities. 

The City Council adopted the 2013-2024 TFP on August 5, 2013, (Resolution #8617).  An amendment to add a project for sidewalks and bike facilities on Newport Way SE (from Somerset Blvd. to 150th Avenue SE) was adopted by the City Council on September 3, 2013 (Resolution #8623). 

2013-2024 TFP Documents

The city published a Draft Environmental Impact Statement on April 11, 2013 and published a Final Environmental Impact Statement on July 25, 2013. Printed copies of the Final EIS are available for $5 at the Service First counter in City Hall. An addendum published on August 29, 2013 addresses potential impacts of the added project on Newport Way SE.

Typically updated every two to four years, the Transportation Facilities Plan is a "financially constrained" plan: some projects do not have sufficient financial resources committed to fully complete them by 2024, but the identified cost of the projects as described in the TFP must be balanced with the City’s transportation revenue projections for the 12-year plan period. The Transportation Facilities Plan serves several functions:

  • It provides the first level of project prioritization necessary to identify projects for funding in the adopted, seven-year Capital Investment Program (CIP) Plan.
  • It serves as the basis for the city’s Impact Fee Program. The roadway and intersection capacity projects adopted in the TFP are used to calculate the impact fees charged to new land use developments. The fees cover a portion of the costs for transportation system capacity needed to serve the demand generated by new developments.
  • An environmental review is conducted in conjunction with each TFP update. The environmental review considers potential, cumulative impacts to the citywide transportation system and other elements of the environment that may occur due to 12 years of projected land use growth and the implementation of the projects identified in the TFP.

    Bellevue Way SE HOV Lane Project

    One of the projects included in the 2013-2024 Transportation Facilities Plan involves adding a southbound HOV lane to Bellevue Way from the “Y” intersection with 112th Avenue SE to I-90 (project TFP-242). A segment of this project, from the South Bellevue Park & Ride main entrance to I-90, will be constructed by Sound Transit in conjunction with construction of the East Link light rail line. Another element of the project, a multiuse pedestrian and bicycle path along Bellevue Way and 112th Ave SE from I-90 to SE 8th Street, will also be implemented in conjunction with East Link. The third element, adding a southbound HOV lane from the Bellevue Way SE/112th Avenue SE “Y” intersection to the South Bellevue Park & Ride, is not funded. Implementation will depend on city resources and priorities, which are established through the biennial budget process.

    In June 2014, the city sent a flyer to residents in the vicinity of Bellevue Way SE, describing the project status and the city budget process. [Please note: The date indicated in the flier for the “Second CIP Public Hearing” has changed. The new date is July 7, (not July 21).]  Information about the city’s process for developing the 2015-2016 operating budget and the 2015-2021 capital budget is posted on the Finance Department webpage,

    Bellevue Way SE HOV Lane flyer


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