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Drinking Water Conservation

Water conservation is an important practice and a smart financial decision. Using water efficiently and eliminating waste are good ideas for many reasons, including:

Good Stewardship: It’s important that we each do our part to use water wisely to ensure an adequate supply for growing human and environmental needs. Many Bellevue customers have already found ways to do their part. Customers have detected and repaired indoor and outdoor leaks, updated plumbing fixtures or appliances, or adopted water-smart habits that reduce water use. Since 1990, community efforts have dropped water use by 16 percent.

Supplies Are Limited: While nature's capacity to produce water seems limitless, our supply of clean, safe drinking water is not. Abundant precipitation generally falls only from autumn until spring. During the summer when water use peaks, however, we rely on minimal rain and snowmelt. As our region grows, the demands on our water supply continue to grow.  Conservation stretches our current supply until new water resources are developed.

Conserving Saves Money: Conservation can help you control your water bills. Many actions, such as using water wisely outdoors and taking shorter showers are free and easy to do. Other actions such as buying a resource-efficient washing machine, putting on a low-volume showerhead or installing a water-efficient toilet will cost you money up-front, but will more than pay for themselves in just a few years. Participation in many measures can lower wastewater and energy costs too. Rebate programs that encourage conservation are available to Bellevue customers. These programs are sponsored by the City in partnership with Cascade Water Alliance.

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