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Clearing and Grading Development Standards

·     Clearing & Grading Development Standards

Appendix A1 -- Construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention Planning (includes CSWPPP Long Form)

Appendix A2 -- Best Management Practices C101 - C180,  C200 - C253, Standard Notes for Erosion Control Plans

Appendix A3 -- Additional Standards and Specifications for Local Regulations & Practices
                         (includes CSWPPP Short Form, Site Inspection Short Form, Erosion Control Estimate Form, Turbidity & pH Monitoring Requirements,
Geotechnical Report Requirements, Emergency Construction Contact Sheet etc.)

C&G Standard Details

 BMP C101  Preserving Natural Vegetation
 BMP C102  Buffer Zones
 BMP C103  High Visibility Plastic or Metal Fence
 BMP C104  Stake and Wire Fence
 BMP C105  Stabilized Construction Entrance
 BMP C106  Wheel Wash 
 BMP C107   Construction Road/Parking Area Stabilization
 BMP C120   Temporary and Permanent Seeding
 BMP C121  Mulching                                                                    
 BMP C122  Nets and Blankets
 BMP C123  Plastic Covering
 BMP C124  Sodding
 BMP C125  Topsoiling
 BMP C126  Polyacrylamide for Soil Erosion Protection
 BMP C130  Surface Roughening 
 BMP C131  Gradient Terraces 
 BMP C140  Dust Control
 BMP C150  Materials On Hand 
 BMP C151  Concrete Handling
 BMP C152  Sawcutting and Surfacing Pollution Prevention 
 BMP C153  Material Delivery, Storage and Containment 
 BMP C160  Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead 
 BMP C161  Payment of Erosion Control Work 
 BMP C162  Scheduling 
 BMP C180  Small Project Construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention 
 BMP C200  Interceptor Dike and Swale 
 BMP C201  Grass-Lined Channels 
 BMP C202  Channel Lining
 BMP C203  Water Bars
 BMP C204  Pipe Slope Drains
 BMP C205  Subsurface Drains
 BMP C206  Level Spreader
 BMP C207  Check Dams
 BMP C208  Triangular Silt Dike (Geotextile-Encased Check Dam)
 BMP C209  Outlet Protection
 BMP C220  Storm Drain Inlet Protection
 BMP C230  Straw Bale Barrier
 BMP C231  Brush Barrier
 BMP C232  Gravel Filter Berm
 BMP C233   Silt Fence
 BMP C234   Vegetated Strip
 BMP C235  Straw Wattles 
 BMP C240   Sediment Trap 
 BMP C241   Temporary Sediment Pond
 BMP C250  Construction Stormwater Chemical Treatment 
 BMP C251  Construction Stormwater Filtration 
 BMP C252   High pH Neutralization using CO2
 BMP C253  pH Control for High pH Water 
 BMP T5.13   Post-Construction Soil Quality and Depth
 BMP T101  Tree Protection Requirements


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