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Accessibility Survey

The City of Bellevue is interested in your experiences and opinions regarding the accessibility of city facilities, programs and services, and sidewalks/curb ramps. Your answers to this survey will be used to evaluate current conditions and prioritize improvements as part of the city’s updated Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan.

This survey will be provided in alternate formats for individuals with disabilities upon request. Please contact Cathryn Laird (contact information in the right column of this page) for accommodation requests. Assistance for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing can be provided through the 711 Telecommunications Relay Service.

Directions: Please follow the instructions provided with each question. Several Questions ask you to rank the accessibility of facilities and programs on a scale of 1 to 5. Please use the following rating to complete those questions:

  1. Not at all accessible
  2. Somewhat Accessible, but still some major challenges
  3. Generally accessible, but could be improved
  4. Accessible with few challenges
  5. Highly accessible


1) In general, how accessible is the city for you? (Select the ranking that best describes your experience.)

 1    2    3    4   5

2) How accessible are city buildings for you? (Select the ranking that best describes your experience.)

 1    2    3    4   5

3) Select the city buildings you visit most often (you may select more than one):

  Downtown City Hall   Highland Community Center
  Crossroads Mini City Hall   North Bellevue Community Center
  Fire Station (Location: )   South Bellevue Community Center 
  Other:    Other:

4) Describe accessibility features that are most helpful when you visit these buildings.

5) Describe accessibility challenges you face when visiting city buildings (provide building name in your examples).

6) When you visit city buildings, how accessible is parking? (Select the ranking that best describes your experience.)

 1    2    3    4   5

7) When you interact with city staff, do you feel you are treated fairly? (Select the answer that best matches your experience.)

When applying for city jobs    Yes    No    Not Applicable
With police and fire personnel   Yes    No    Not Applicable
When requesting information    Yes    No    Not Applicable
When requesting accommodations   Yes    No    Not Applicable

8) How can we improve interactions with city staff for you?


9) Besides now, have you ever visited the city's website? Yes No

If yes, how accessible was the website for you? (Select the ranking that best describes your experience.)

 1    2    3    4   5

10) What would make the website more accessible? 


11) What information on the website is most important to you? 


12) How accessible are city parks for you? (Select the ranking that best describes your experience.)

 1    2    3    4   5

13) Describe accessibility challenges you face when visiting city parks (provide park name when providing examples). 

14) Have you ever participated in a Parks & Community Services Department program, class or activity? Yes No

If yes, how accessible were the programs for you? (Select the ranking that best describes your experience.)

 1    2    3    4   5

15) What did you like most about participating in a Parks program?


16) What can the city do to make it easier for you to access and participate in future Parks programs and activities?


17) In general, how accessible are city sidewalks/curb ramps? (Select the ranking that best describes your experience.)

 1    2    3    4   5

18) What conditions related to accessibility of sidewalks/curb ramps do you find the most difficult? (Select the top three challenges you face.)

  Lack of curb ramps   No pedestrian signals
  Lack of crosswalk stripes   No audio pedestrian signals
  Intersections difficult to cross   Narrow sidewalks
  Obstructions along sidewalk   Steep slopes on sidewalks
  Uneven sidewalks   Other:

19) Which destinations do you visit most often? (Select the top three destinations you visit.)

Transit stops/centers
Government buildings/community centers
Major activity centers, i.e. malls
Employment centers
 Downtown Bellevue 
Neighbohood stores and services

20) When you have encountered a construction site that blocks the sidewalk/curb ramps, did you find the path of travel/detour:

Clearly marked and easy to understand?   Yes    No  
Convenient?   Yes    No  
Safe?    Yes    No

21) How can the city make construction sites more accessible for you?


22) Please share accessibility difficulties or constraints along pedestrian routes you normally take.

Street Name/Cross Street:

Street Name/Cross Street:

Street Name/Cross Street:

23) Describe the most important action the city can take to increase accessibility of its facilities, program and services, and sidewalks/curb ramps?


24) Please share other comments, experiences, recommendations related to the accessibility of Bellevue facilities, programs and services and sidewalks/curb ramps.


25) Do you live in Bellevue?  Yes No

26) Do you work in Bellevue or visit Bellevue more than once a week? Yes No

27) (optional) What is the nature of your disability? (Select all that apply)

   Visual    Mobility    Other: 
   Hearing    Cognitive    Other: 

Contact Information

Human Resources
450 110th Ave. NE
Bellevue, WA 98009
Contact: Cathryn Laird
Phone: 425-452-6817
E-mail: claird@bellevuewa.gov

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