130th Avenue Northeast/Goff Creek Station Area Planning

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East Link Light Rail
East Link is Sound Transit's voter-approved project to build light rail between Seattle and the Overlake Transit Center in Redmond. The Sound Transit Board has identified a preferred East Link alignment through the Bel-Red area with stations located at 120th Avenue Northeast and 130th Avenue Northeast. Light rail would run in the center of Northeast 16th Street, and the station at 130th Avenue would also be in the center of the street. This station is at the center of the area that is the focus of the 130th Avenue station area planning project.

Northeast 15th/16th Street
Plans for Bel-Red call for a new arterial to run through the center of the Bel-Red area and connect to downtown via Northeast 12th Street. Northeast 15th/16th Street will provide for through traffic, with generous accommodations for pedestrians and bicyclists. Light rail will be integrated along much of the street, as will as pedestrian and bicycle connections.

Bel-Red Hydrology and Hydraulics Report
Goff Creek and the West Tributary of Kelsey Creek have been degraded over time by development that has destroyed the natural habitat. The city has commissioned a study of the streams' hydrology and hydraulics. Knowing how much water the creeks carry -- especially during times of heavy rains -- will be important in designing open space and trails and locating new buildings.

Bel-Red Street Standards
New streets are planned throughout the Bel-Red area to provide access to the new development. These streets will be mostly for local circulation, and will accommodate pedestrians, bicyclists and autos. Green infrastructure, such as rain gardens and pervious pavement may be included in the design of these neighborhood streets.

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